Efficiency and performance focused kernel for Xiaomi Redmi note 5, Based on latest stable sources with android-kernel-stable and CAF tags merged, automatically built via semaphore ci.
check out DA source code on github, continues integration channel on telegram and XDA thread.

Latest Releases


  • Compiled with Clang 9 and GCC 9.2.0
  • Merge 4.9.189 kernel tags
  • Merge latest CAF kernel changes
  • Remove klapse (most roms have that by default now)
  • Fix stune boost not working sometimes
  • Cleanup unused configs
  • Should be more stable than noveno

  • File Name: Dark-Ages-Decimo-4.9-STABLE-01112019-0634.zip
    File Size: 12.6 MB
    MD5: e35cb06d41295ea9d03af3c3ae3fed75


    El Noveno

  • Upstream to latest 4.9.192 release
  • Fixed issues with omni camera sensor
  • Add Fingerprint boost driver
  • Add Wireguard driver
  • silence spammy logs
  • TCP tweaks and enhancements
  • Reduce block Queue overhead
  • memory allocations fixes and optimizations
  • ensure enough free memory on screen on (faster wake up)
  • Optimize memcp, strcmp, memchr and strln routines
  • Optimize Console buffers
  • Faster boot up times
  • Improve 3x faster Integer sqrt
  • Replace LMK with new Simple LMK
  • Multiple other camera optimizations
  • faster boot times
  • Backport energy model for EAS
  • Backport features from newer kernels
  • General kernel tree cleanup
  • many other random small optimizations

  • File Name: Dark-Ages-El-Noveno-4.9-STABLE-13092019-0412.zip
    File Size: 13.1 MB
    MD5: 5af2227b74a62fe5fcc1e6db7cb0808e


    El Octavo

  • First 4.9 release
  • Latest Linux-stable and caf tags
  • New profiles applied automatically on boot
  • OC GPU to 725
  • Klapse 5.0
  • BFQ IO scheduler
  • westwood TCP
  • Advanced TCP congestion algorithms
  • state notifier driver
  • pixel_smurfutil governor (from pixel 3 and smurf kernel)
  • Dynamic stune sched boost
  • DS Boost
  • Dynamic Fsync
  • CPU input boost
  • Adreno GPU input boost
  • Enable 19MHz idle GPU Frequency
  • adaptive low memory killer
  • Sound control
  • USB fast charge up to 900mAh
  • Power efficient workqueue enabled by default
  • F2FS and sdcardFS support
  • Latest wireguard
  • Boeffla wakelock blocker
  • Various IO Optimizations
  • magisk module for custom profiles coming soon

  • File Name: Dark-Ages-El-Octavo-27062019-0437.zip
    File Size: 13.8 MB
    MD5: 986738af6540310a1ba6c6eec9d6b762



  • Latest Linux-stable and caf tags
  • Compiled with dark-engine 2.0
  • Add Electron governor
  • Add BFQ IO scheduler (set as default)
  • Enable power efficient work queue
  • Add fingerprint boost drive
  • Add state notifier driver
  • TTL fixation
  • Increase charging up to 2300mAh
  • Enable lz4 zram compression
  • Set default zram size to 510mb
  • enable AutoSMP by default
  • Disable LMK debugging by default
  • Upstream CPU boost drive
  • Tweak CPU boost values
  • Overall better ram management
  • Better frequency scaling (switch governor to electron)
  • Default read ahead as 2048(better for 32GB+ devices)
  • Add klpase drive(LiveDisplay Like)
  • this release is more focused on better ram management and smoother experience on default settings if you want to game switch governor to performance, etc

  • File Name: Dark-Ages-Septimo-13032019-0503.zip
    File Size: 11.6 MB
    MD5: dfe3b334c4ed0c880ef36f7e6a1f650c