By now you have noticed this site has a weird color scheme, its dark but its not google apps dark nor samsung pitch black dark, its just dARK, well this is where i introduce this theme officially.


This is my own effort to create a color scheme that doesn't blind me by being too dark or too light and not solarized (ex favorite ).
i found this color (0f111a) for the first time on material theme for vscode, so i copied the main color and added other colors gradually with time until here we are

currently anything that uses Xresources can use these colors, and there are many other apps themed as well.

GTK Theme Supported DE's:

  • Gnome
  • Xfce4
  • Unity
  • Budgie
  • Most gnome shell based DE's

Supported Applications:

  • Termite Terminal
  • Plank Dock
  • Rofi
  • Spotify Music
  • Telegram Messenger
  • InkDrop Notes
  • Typora Markdown

  • 3rd party themes:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Intellij IDE's

    Android Support:

    On android you can use swift installer to set this theme on many apps that it supports, set the background to 0f111a and use the accent from colors below or mix with your own accent, for a preview check out prateek's writeup on it.


  • To be able to use the colors globally copy .Xresources to ~/.Xresources
  • Website based on this theme:,
  • for more applications check out Dotfiles


  • Each repo has specific instructions on how to install

  • Colors:



  • If you have created a theme for an application do a pull request here, then i will fork the repo.

  • License:

    Licensed Under The GNU GPL version 3, For more info read LICENSE