Abubakar Yagoub (1625897)

20 years old meme Developer, into the linux kernel, KDE plasma and tiling WM’s, constantly learning and trying new stuff, got fed up with how my apps look so i made this color scheme you seeing on this site and in all my desktops, currently maintaining HavocOS, DotOS and My own custom kernel Dark Ages, and trying to learn flutter and julia.




i was born in 1999 i lived my early life just going throw the days (kids dont think duh) i was always the top of the class, academics wise i was the best, even without trying, things were just too easy or i was too lucky, i was (and still am ) into studying genetics mutations and that was what i wanted to do with my life. back in 2014 i asked a stupidly simple question, which is what got me into technology and programming, i spend countless hours just writing code, and reading about code, in the recent years i got into psychology and "self help", i read books and attended seminars about it, was going to do a minor on it but ICT students cant do minor (what hypocracy).


chilling at home
more chilling in kidergarden
primary school (good times)
high school (welcome to the real world bi*ch)
and you thought high school was bad


- music (lots of music)
- Writing code
- Lifting heavy weights (or used to at least)
- science (well)
- Psychology
- over thinking (what is happiness?)
- Perfectionism


I contribute to open source software almost everyday, there are many people using the custom software i am currently maintaining and all my projects are open source checkout Github

Random Quotes

No matter how far we go we started at never's road
Witt lowery
Chaos is Better than Stasis
The more you expect, the more you will be disappointed

Current Projects

Dark Ages Kernel

Perforamnce and battery focused kernel for Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (this is my hardest project yet)

Plasma Themes

Themes for the amazing KDE plasma Desktop

Matrial Ocean

A material design theme for various applications

Attendance System

Students attendance system in JavaFX and SQL


Opinionated Minimalist Neovim configuration


i frequently write random things about technology and the current state of the world (somehow) at my blog, take a look and you will enjoy some stuff and you might get triggered (it aint no safe space)